About Me

Hello there. First of all, welcome.

I've been practicing voice overs ever since my voice broke for the second time. I started getting comments on my low voice more and more, and decided that I should give this a shot. I've always been doing over the top character voices to make people laugh, so acting rather silly with my voice wasn't new to me.

My Home studio.

I've been a musician for a long time, practically my whole life. I have studio experience from the age of nine (9) and have been making music in bands from the age of six (6). Hearing my own voice has never been weird to me that i can remember. Also the studio booth and control room aren't alien places to me, due to my experience in both big budget studio's and my own professional home studio. I now own my own record label and run a professional studio. This way I can deliver fast, and make adjustments if needed. This cuts cost down dramatically, making my voice overs cheaper to the customer. It's a big investment for me, but nothing but benefits in the end.

Hire Levi Claassen voice talent/artist for dramatic movie trailer voice overs, commercials, be it hard sell or easy going. Get the authoritative sound you are looking for. Ask for the possibilities. Get dry reads, reads with effects, reads accompanied by a nice music bed, fully produced radio jingles, radio/television commercials and more. Next day delivery on weekdays, voice overs requested in the weekends are usually delivered on Monday. Solid voice overs at a fair price. I can be the "movie trailer voice guy" for your productions. Affordable even for amateur film makers or home-video fanatics that want to spice up their video. Levi Claassen is the voice you are looking for. Want a fully produced trailer with edited video and audio? Ask for the possibilities and send an e-mail via the contact page. Like this site? Send site related questions to the webmaster.